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Arrogance, infallibility, rigid command-and-control: these are not humanistic virtues, even though most of these men, and they were men, were no doubt regular churchgoers.

There may be companies where these inhumane behaviors are not practiced. But as far as I can see, they spelled the downfall of GM.

I believe in religious freedom, even if that freedom involves the ability to commit suicide by the object of your religion…and have it be OK with your religion.

“[People] make themselves believe that they believe.”
Michel de Montaigne
I first met this gangly man-child with a semi-Afro as a lukewarm Detroit Pistons fan in the late 80s. I started following the team. There was an ensemble cast, each member of which played his role perfectly.
There was Bill Laimbeer, the flopper, jersey-puller and all-around pain in […]

Another senior PR colleague once told me that the foundation of PR is to tell the truth. I just did. Michael Mudd should try it sometime.

This is the food industry’s perpetual conundrum: to produce food-like products, convince people they’re good to eat, get them hooked on salt./fat/sugar AND STILL convince the media and public that the industry is concerned about nutrition and obesity.

So now we have bi-lateral Facebook angst: people post out of insecurity and resume envy, while those who read the results of the posters’ relentless search for friends and likes become jealous and dissatisfied with their own lives.

Hyman William Perlman (1910-80) was indirectly responsible for this blog – and in fact for all the secularism, skepticism, atheism, and humanism that have been the foundation of my intellectual life. He was the first skeptic I ever met, and the effect was lasting. Every time Mom would babble on about “God’s will,” he would snap back, “What’s God got to do with it?”

What indeed. Things may happen for some reason or for none at all. There is certainly no guiding intelligence, let alone the nutjob main character of the Abrahamic religions. Bill understood that.

It would be a pity for humanity to have come so far, just to be done in by our inability to abandon our primitive stories.

The message of “Click”: nobody gets out alive. Morty has plans for all of us. Until he appears, let’s make sure that we are living our own lives, and not pouring the energy of our days into fulfilling someone else’s agenda. Let’s pay attention – to kids, health, family, friends, surroundings, whatever – and keep our finger off the “auto-pilot” button.

Is the goal of therapy to dissolve delusions – or to encourage them?

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