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Arrogance, infallibility, rigid command-and-control: these are not humanistic virtues, even though most of these men, and they were men, were no doubt regular churchgoers.

There may be companies where these inhumane behaviors are not practiced. But as far as I can see, they spelled the downfall of GM.

Another senior PR colleague once told me that the foundation of PR is to tell the truth. I just did. Michael Mudd should try it sometime.

This is the food industry’s perpetual conundrum: to produce food-like products, convince people they’re good to eat, get them hooked on salt./fat/sugar AND STILL convince the media and public that the industry is concerned about nutrition and obesity.

American companies waste tons of time and money on diversity activities and recruiting minorities, all of which makes them less competitive in a global marketplace that doesn’t give a damn about “proportional representation.”

Linked-In has taken a wrong turn by offering a link that helps you reconnect with your old boss. Who wants to reconnect with a tyrant, a petty dictator, a micromanager, a clueless ditherer (as in Dilbert)…the bad bosses are 80% of all bosses, and the types of bad boss are as numerous as the sands of the beach.

What company will dare to be first to point to the Emperor’s new clothes, to note that we’ve been at this diversity thing for a whole generation, that grouping and counting people by gender and ethnicity is odious and bogus, that it’s not worth the investment, and henceforth all hires and promotions will be made on the basis of competence and experience alone?

Maybe freedom means having nothing to lose – and perhaps some the Bartlebys of the world aren’t simply lazy: they have looked hard at the world of work, assessed the trade-offs, and found the courage to say “I prefer not to” – and damn the consequences.

If one closes one’s ears and does not listen to the siren song of the political and economic elites, or to the hosannas of the Leadership/Management/Motivation industries, which constantly pump out ever more slogans, ever more reasons for working harder and regarding work as meaningful…one can ask, in the resulting silence: is work really worth it?

Some CEOs are worth it. Some are worthless. All have found, to their joy, that they can act just like they did in junior high. Will they use that power wisely?

Phase 3 is happening now, even as more people shed fake friends or drop Facebook entirely. It’s the IPO: marketing and commercialization. Facebook is going to SELL all that information it got for free, and a few people will get obscenely rich.

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