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Well, if all the questions are answered, how do you find out anything? You don’t. You remain primitive shepherds, or whoever founded your religion. And indeed, Jews who have long since stopped being primitive shepherds dress up and go to synagoigue, there to read from a scroll and pretend they believe all those primitive-shepherd stories. Weird.

September 11 was about religion, or at least one kind of it: driven by a fundamentalist vision, glorifying suicide, murder, death, and martyrdom, requiring long and deep programming in psychotic fantasy. I’m not a shrink, but I bet it attracts a certain kind of person.

The message of “Click”: nobody gets out alive. Morty has plans for all of us. Until he appears, let’s make sure that we are living our own lives, and not pouring the energy of our days into fulfilling someone else’s agenda. Let’s pay attention – to kids, health, family, friends, surroundings, whatever – and keep our finger off the “auto-pilot” button.

I’ll make a deal with religious believers: you stop vilifying me, and I’ll stop saying things that result in you causing YOURSELF to be offended (but we can still ridicule each other). They’re just words.

To every Muslim who thinks he must avenge the supposed profanation of a book with violence and anger, I say: grow up. Get over it. Stop your childish temper tantrums over nothing. Put out your fires, go home, go to school, go to work, play with your kids, treat your women kindly (if you cannot accept them as equals), and live in peace. As Christians and Jews learned long ago, you cannot force the world to respect your dark superstitions.

Once again the awful destructive power of religion is on display. The main reason Osama staged 9/11 was to get the US off sacred Saudi soil. That’s right; 3,000 people died because of their stupid sacred soil. That’s really what it was about. A few years later, while making expensive and bloody war in Afghanistan and Iraq, we quietly withdrew from Saudi Arabia, which no doubt made Osama happy.

Let’s see..if I just stop for a moment and ask whether 600,000 Israelites could have been slaves in Egypt for 400 years but there’s no record of it…or wandered in the desert for 40 years and never left a trace…or how God impregnated a woman and took human form…or just how it is that after death I am reborn as someone (or something) else…if I just thought about the nuttiness of that for a minute, might it not weaken my faith? Indeed, faith requires constant reinforcement, as any good cleric can tell you.

Americans and people all over the world are shocked by each episode of Muslim violence. They shoudn’t be. Violence is what Islam is all about. Mealy-mouthed apologists (and they crawl out of the woodwork every time Muslim violence disgusts and horrifies the civilized world) insist that theirs is a religion of peace. Sure, you can find that in the Quran, and these people may really believe it. Maybe it’s true for them. But worldwide — and for the non-Muslims on the receiving end of the bomb or firearm, for those of us watching as our President is burned in effigy over CARTOONS — the reality is quite different.

America stands on the side of science and reason. It is these, and not religion, that always has created, and always will create a better life on earth.

While amiable humanistic rabbis recount Torah stories, orthodox Muslims are being programmed to destroy themselves and other human beings, to create a Muslim world. What stands in opposition? An equally virulent Christianity. We must be a very loud voice for reason.

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