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New Year’s resolutions are part of my religious/spiritual practice as a secular humanist.  I’ve already made my resolution.  I did it back in September. 
That’s when the Jewish New Year happens, and I’ve always felt that it’s the perfect time for the New Year.  Even if we don’t harvest crops any more, the world is changing around […]

If I don’t believe in God, how can I believe in the Devil?  Well, actually, I do believe that God exists, and he is to be found in the same place as Satan: in our heads.  However, I think two different kinds of brain processes are involved.
It’s all in our heads.
There is no question that […]

Don’t look now, but your neighbor, uncle, cousin, coworker — or even the person next to you in church or synagogue — might be a (gasp!) secular humanist.
A secular humanist is almost the same thing as an atheist. If there’s a difference, I suppose it’s that the atheist focuses on the absence of God, […]

The Bible is unquestionably one of the most written and talked about — if not the most written and talked about — book in the world.  It may also be one of the most lied about.
I know that’s harsh.  But bear with me.  It is the only charge that can conscionably be leveled by a person […]

Why the book and why the blog

The last time I checked, there were 6900 books on the Torah – why another? And why the blog?

Several reasons:
(1) To provide a counter argument—a small but determined piece of resistance – to the explosive growth of religiosity, superstition, and public […]

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