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Intelligent design and creationism are houses of fog built on sand. They are desperate attempts to warp science education, by people who really, really want to believe in religion.

The real question is not “Which version is true?” but ”Why do they cling to their fantasies?”

The true Secular Humanist feels deep compassion for people trapped and enslaved by religious myths, trekking on their pilgrimages, separating their milk and meat, waging their wars, mutilating their virgins, humiliating women in general, obsessing over their holy texts, munching their wafers, prostrating themselves with their butts in the air (classic primate submissive posture), and chanting, praying, and singing their obedience to invisible divine authority in endless, degrading services and rituals.

Language is what makes us distinctively human. Other species can communicate, but only human language can do certain things that make it very powerful — too powerful, in fact, for humans to operate without a license. The careless use of language is one of the reasons why religious and political fantasies persist and even gain strength.

The reporting of every religious story, every religious festival, should be accompanied by quotes from kind, thoughtful Humanists — and there are many, starting with Richard Dawkins — to the effect that the religious fantasies being celebrated did not in fact occur and that continuing religious belief may indeed be bad for humanity.

I do not mean to imply that God is not real to the people who believe in him. There is abundant evidence that the reality created by the mind can be perceived by the mind as identical to reality produced from outside, i.e., from the sense organs. Classic examples include hallucinations, psychoses, phantom limb pain — in fact, many psychosomatic illnesses, including chronic pain that seems to have no physiological basis.

I just read about a prayer network of Christians who pray for celebrities (Chicago Tribune, 11/20/07). It’s sad to see well-meaning people wasting their time when they could be out enjoying themselves or helping others.
Also, Thanksgiving is upon us, which means a lot of thanking of God and similar chimeras.
Amidst an ongoing […]

So about the Muslims, one cannot resist asking: Is there a connection between centuries of marrying your cousins…and the perseverance of childish beliefs and animalistic behaviors? Have the critical faculties which lead to tolerance and secularism been permanently stunted? Does the Muslims’ combination of inbreeding and relentless indoctrination guarantee a supply of fanatics and jihadis who will plague us until the end of human history?

There is no way to stabilize all of this cobbled-together country long-term because of ineradicable religious grudges; Bush and cronies were too ignorant of history to realize that. I cannot see religious/sectarian violence ever going away. Too many people are invested in its stories; too many people benefit from it. There are too many Quran true-believers for Muslims to live peacefully in the world.

The truth is that Ron Paul and all libertarians represent the core beliefs OF OUR NATION’S FOUNDERS about the role of government. Generations of devious politicians and their obedient citizen/subjects collaborated to create the nanny/welfare state that is America today. They have sold out the founding principle of LIBERTY in exchange for “security.”

“There can be no Creator, simply because his grief at the fate of his creation would be inconceivable and unendurable.”
Elias Canetti
I first started reporting Stupid Religious Tricks some time ago, when I realized that “This Week in God” couldn’t keep up with them. Now that the whole show is off the air (writers’ strike), […]

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