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With both parties preaching more government — one party using it to enforce its concepts of social justice and economic equality; the other party using it to control personal behavior — there will be, as a result of the 2008 election…more government!

Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait –- and all of the chaos and death that followed — was triggered by an insult over sex! Kuwait’s leader said he would not stop flooding the oil market “until he turned every Iraqi woman into a $10 prostitute.”

Saddam was enraged. He vowed revenge upon this desecrator of Iraqi womanhood, whom his sons were probably raping at that moment.

I know, it’s weird. But in many cultures, no matter how cruelly you treat women, the thought of someone else violating your personal P, even verbally, is intolerable. It must be punished by violence and death. And that’s what Saddam ordered.

It is disingenuous in the extreme for Southerners to pretend that they don’t know how Black people react to the Confederate flag. The only reason to keep it up there is the same demented logic that results in displays of nooses and other racially sensitive symbols: a reminder that some people haven’t forgotten the good old days and wouldn’t mind bringing them back.

Let’s go over it one more time: there is no conflict between evolution and the Bible, not because of whatever mealy-mouthed word games I’m going to find in this article, but because one is a story written from the imagination of human beings long ago, while the other is an account of the way things actually used to be in our world, based on the evidence that we have found so far.

If your religion is humanistic, and someone offers you hospitality, you accept it. I can even quote the Torah to that effect.

In Genesis, Chapter 18, Abraham is visited by three strangers. The passage shows that Abraham took great pains to feed his guests who, conspicuously, did not turn away his food because of their peculiar dietary laws. As the Torah says, “he waited on them under the tree and they ate” (Genesis 18:8).

But if your religion is ahumanistic, you place imaginary deities and their arbitrary commands ABOVE the offering of your host. You spurn your host’s offerings, you bring your own food instead, as evidence of your piousness and religiosity.

The tragedy of John McCain’s life — and of the 4,000 US military people who have already died in Iraq, and the 56,000 who died in Vietnam, and countless more — is that their sacrifices are indeed in vain, just what McCain says he’s going to avoid.

They are in vain because they are in the service of gutless politicians who make up wars on false pretexts and send young people off to suffer and die. They are in vain because politicians’ wars do not make the world better or safer for America. Quite the opposite. They are in vain because these young people are not given a clear mission, at the end of which their suffering and dying will be over…so what, exactly, did they die for?

We must make them play a different game. We must have the guts, the balls, to declare fundamentalist Islam to be the fantasy-based psychosis that it is.

Like all theistic religion, it is an appalling waste of effort and life on imaginary events that did not happen and deities that do not exist. Like them, it demands vast amount of respect it does not deserve (instead of praying five times a day, why don’t they do five good deeds or make five non-Muslim friends?).

Hillary really believes in public service. She once described herself as a “policy junkie,” by which she means “someone who likes to dream up ways for the government to run your life.” Look at that heath-care plan she made up. That’s policy porn for a girl like Hillary.

Paul withdrawal

Dr. Paul should really watch his mouth when he talks about “war” on religion. He should realize that he is using one of the most incendiary and overused words in the language. Often the use of this word is accompanied by the abandonment of reason.

The truth is that there is no divinity; that divine interventions and impossible events did not happen; that human beings are responsible (to one degree or another) for their fates on earth; and that clerics of all kinds, after hundreds of years of evidence to the contrary, encourage the maintenance of belief in willfully shared delusions such as the literal truth of the Bible or Quran.

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