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People whose situation is desperate, who lose faith that there is an end to suffering and indignity in this world, take refuge in fantasy. Jews have done it too. They give up on reality and people – which is most unfortunate, since that is the only way Black salvation has taken place.

Every minute praising Jesus is time that could be spent loving your neighbor and doing good deeds. We are our own salvation. Will Blacks en masse ever face this truth?

If brave civil rights workers had not stood up to the fire hoses in Selma, Alabama…Jesus or Mary would not have done it for them. Martin Luther King put himself in the line of fire, but Jesus didn’t take the bullet for him.

Above all, Americans found they preferred protected serfdom to liberty (see Hayek, The Road to Serfdom). Thus we have government confiscating 1/6 of our national wealth for farm subsidies, price supports, corporate welfare, Social Security, all manner of government preferences, grants, and handouts, a $40 billion-a-year war against drug use (inflicting grievous harm on America and other nations without limit), and two actual shooting wars, with the potential of skyrocketing taxes and deficits. Foreigners own huge portions of our debt, and we continue to run up the tab.

Abandoning religion is an enormous unburdening! No longer do you have to worry about the church’s doctrines controlling your life…or about what God thinks, says, wants, or means in this or that Bible passage. You are absolutely free to seek the truth wherever you want and not to feel guilty or excluded or ostracized.

Where the two axes — insane, inhumane religion and politics — intersect and take over whole societies…where politicians claim the guidance and blessing of divine beings…where people suffer and die for mistaken, horribly wrong ideas – there we find the Vortex of Evil…and the bottomless pit of human misery.

An America that sees the world in good/evil terms, an America that acts violently, arrogantly and without restraint…such a country simply multiplies its enemies — and urges other nations to act the same way. James Madison said that “America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy.”

I do not believe the Framers sought to create “a more perfect union” in the universal, Oprah — or even the Humanistic — sense. They knew that there’d be conflicts. The phrase refers to their efforts to draw the boundaries between State and Federal power. The Ninth and Tenth Amendments make that intention clear (to me, at least).

In a manner that could never have happened a few decades ago, the rhythms and idioms of Black culture permeate Obama’s campaign. He speaks in the cadences and images of Black preaching. He dances. He’s just religious enough (in a Black way). He’s hip. He’s whatever you want him to be. He is just Black enough – an AFRICAN African-American. Oprah endorses him. There’s a lot of BS about how it’s “time” for a Black President.

So Geraldine Ferraro spoke the truth — Obama IS lucky — in a nation besotted by diversity dogma and identity politics. And in a society where speaking the truth on this subject is taboo, she was lynched as a heretic. Because it seems the only sign of progress in America today is a minority achieving some high rank, never mind how incompetent they are.

Alternatively, I would consider it a sign of progress in America if the government showed any signs of returning to its Constitutional limits, but that’s not going to happen.

Where the two axes — insane, inhumane religion and politics — intersect and take over whole societies…where political leaders believe that they act on a deity’s advice and with his blessing, where people attack each other and suffer and die for mistaken, horribly wrong ideas spouted by insane clerics and politicians – there we find the Nexus of Evil…and the bottomless pit of human misery.

Although many religious believers find that non-thinking comes naturally and is the path of least resistance, others, as science progresses, have to fight harder and harder to hold on to their faith. There is much talk of Faith and Doubt (often capitalized).

It takes a lot of effort to maintain belief in nothing, and I sometimes feel sorry for them.

I hereby challenge Opera to make The God Delusion her book of choice. If their faith is so strong, let it grapple with Dawkins’s mighty doubt.

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