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On privacy and fascism

The givernment needs to act more efficiently in the war on terror. Alas, the fact that they could make up an irrelevant war and sell it and carry it on at $1 trillion a year ($3,300 per person, on average, and that’s excluding the Pentagon’s operating budget — another $500 bil) shows the degree of their ineptitude and makes me afraid, very afraid.

Libertarians, like the Founders, are pro-choice on everything that is done peacefully, honestly, and consensually. Thus, in a libertarian America, conservatives can have their parochial schools and worship services and their free enterprise and small, unintrusive government; liberals can have pot smoking, decadence in the arts, homosexuality, personal liberty and equality, and all manner of religion and unbelief. Everyone agrees that America is a secular state, with freedom of (and from) religion.

Look at all the respect afforded this charlatan and fantasy-merchant Ratzinger. When you realize that all the so-called Abrahamic religions are founded on consensual, mutually-maintained psychotic belief systems, with fantasy-based accounts of everything from the origin of the universe to its distant future, you begin to appreciate the amount of consensus-maintenance that must be carried out.

Pope Benedict XVI is one very bad dude. He started off studying theater and philosophy, but at some point the God-stuff got to him.
Cardinal Ratzinger (or “Ratzo,” as we used to call him in seminary – JUST KIDDING!) is an unflinching exponent of the hard line, the straight path. The one true path, the one way to salvation. The one Church that Jesus established. Us. Ratzo believes it, and he says it, over and over.

This guy is a true believer, totally invested in a supernatural fantasy. And since he has more power, more adherents than any other fantasy merchant that I know of, he must be accurately described as “the world’s leading fantasy-merchant,” his brand-image outstripping even Marlboro and Chevrolet.

Why politicians are NOT funny

When I see how quickly this war was made up and sold, and how easily a supine and suck-up Congress allowed one idiot president and his power-mad cronies to make up and carry out a war that has no end in sight…I am so dumbfounded that I cannot help asking: Are we citizens, subjects, or just well-fed slaves?

Perhaps the success ethic is itself flawed. Daniel Goleman can write a dozen books on EQ, but the sad and disturbing fact of life is that for all the smiling and networking and elevator speechmaking and EQing one does, there are legions of people – they’re in every profession – who succeed mightily despite obnoxious personal traits…or even because of them!

By the time he was my age, Adolf Hitler had wrecked a continent and helped cause 50 million deaths. Pretty impressive for a clever pathological shit who made it big without consulting Dale Carnegie at all.

To the extent that Reverend Foley is going to Iraq to help soldiers maintain military obedience and execute the insane mission of Bush and his cronies…then yes, he is aiding and abetting evil.

I am pretty sure that Douglas Feith does not view war as I do: as a sort of “glory hole,” into which young people are sucked by red-white-and-blue words like Glory, Valor, and Honor and Country… and which they are blown out the other side of like excrement, broken, maimed for life, psychologically scarred, or dead.

What do secular humanists believe in? The short version:

(1) Human power as the only solution to human problems on earth.
(2) Reality is determined by reason and science, hypothesis and documentation.
(3) Honest use of language — no saying what you don’t mean (notably praying).
(4) Human dignity, individuality and choice are valued above all and are to be respected by religion and government.

Humility, the ability to admit you were wrong. That’s the sign of a great nation. The way we will reclaim world respect is to earn it.

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