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George Carlin did his share of fun linguistics and weird language questions…but he went WAY beyond that to tell the truth about the way we give people, through words, far too much power over us.

The tide of bullshit continues to rise, but Carlin’s statue will never be washed away. He told the truth.

My excuse, aside from the fact that it was a date movie, was intellectual. I wanted to see if, stripped of all the fashion porn and NY glitz (gays must have loved this movie), it reflected my experience (including reading) — and how it compared with a humanist’s understanding of love.

Drug use is a personal, moral, medical, cultural, and social issue. It has no place on the federal government’s agenda.

In over 30 years I have not seen one iota of change at the national level, and there seem to be only the dimmest prospects. I now regard the drug war as permanent, like the war in Iraq. Did I mention that politicians love wars?

How many gallons of irreplaceable fossil fuel will be vaporized during this racing season? The Indy 500 must use thousands upon thousands of gallons. Daytona, NASCAR, I can’t even begin to name them all…there’s immense social approval for it, as well as lots of logos and money (and with Danica Patrick, sex), so gentlepeople, start your engines.

Obama’s nomination is a triumph of identity politics. I say “a” triumph because we have many more categories to elevate to national office, each one demonstrating how far we have supposedly come.

We can progress to a female, an Asian, a Hispanic, a gay, maybe even a transsexual or a Secular Humanist (the two are of equal probability), each one taking decades of struggle, each accompanied by an orgy of self-congratulation. How tolerant we are!

I suggest that in the case of Scott McClellan, Dr. Mengele, David Dirt, and countless others who murder and torture their human fellow human beings, we withhold our forgiveness (and maintain our distance) until we get the answer to the essential question: Why did you do it if you thought it was wrong? Did you ever think it was wrong?

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