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Islam is in the news every day, and I learn more about it, whether I want to or not. I guess that means that every week is Islamic Awareness Week.

There will be a government bailout of GM, so close is the auto giant to bankruptcy. Can’t let the colossus of American industry, with all the attendant jobs, go out of business. Capitalism isn’t that ruthless. There’s got to be SOME protection for incompetence.

Ironic. Not too many years age, GM was so successful that the government was talking about dismantling it! Trust-busting, I believe they called it.

But that was then. GM, with a lock on the domestic car market, was on top of the world.

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Roger’s Smith’s career…working his way up, innovating, leading change, while at the same time maintaining boss dominance, face-time, and contempt for the competition (and the customer)…encompasses all that is right – and wrong—about American business.

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