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What is really necessary is for the national government to step out of drug policy entirely. It’s not in the Constitution, and the states and the people (see the Ninth and Tenth Amendments) can decide these things for themselves.

It is not enough to have secular humanist groups, gatherings, conventions, publications, and meet-ups. There must be an aggressive stand against religious superstition and a considerable decrease in the respect which society accords it.

But it is unconscionable to burn fossil fuel for amusement. No society that is serious about fuel conservation can burn this much gasoline for amusement.

If God is all-powerful and all-knowing, why does he need constant obeisance, prayers, praise, and general ass-kissing? Sounds like a pretty vain and petty SOB to me.

I’m getting more and more convinced that believers’ brains work differently, having been conditioned since childhood to do so. Only a lucky few escape.

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