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So yes, wouldn’t that be an awesome form of protest: secularists (as many as 15% of the population) beome ordained en masse and apply for tax breaks just like the churches. We tie up the system with our suits and appeals. We make noise, for a change. We show religious people and politicians how unjust it is for fantasy merchants (at best) and child-mutilators/molesters (at worst) to get special relief, JUST BECAUSE of the harmful activities that go on in their tax-exempt buildings.

Competition is inherent in capitalism; there’s no separating the two. So it’s competitive advantage that trumps everything. Companies will never treat employees they way they say they do; the tragedy is that they know how to say the right words, they know what they should be doing, but the system forbids it.

Whatever is done with computers and pharmaceuticals will not improve the intelligence of 1 billion Muslims, 1 billion Christians, over 700 million Hindus, and all the other religious believers of the world, who insist on immersing themselves in fantasies and enthusiastically join in the violent conflicts that inevitably follow. All of the imams, rabbis, priests, and other religious leaders will continue to believe what they believe, propagate what they propagate, and inflict religious superstition, not only on educated people who should know better, but on the poorest people of the world, those who need some hope IN THIS WORLD, those who can least afford to be taken in by the stupid con games. (Charity and humanitarianism, great. But skip the missionary stuff.)

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago will not be made one iota smarter by computers or pharmaceuticals. He will continue to believe the same busllshit he believes.

To the extent that rabbis over the centuries excouraged passivity and trust in divine deliverance, they were just as responsible for the persecution and slaughter as the actual perpetrators. It takes two sides to make a Holocaust. Can anyone find me just one more historical example of a people who repeatedly acquiesced in its own humiliation and destruction?

Religious people like to say religion’s a mystery, and it definitely is. The idea that religion is madness goes back to my fellow secular Jews, Freud and Marx. Why do these psychotic fantasies get so much public respect, when their exact equivalents (imaginary voices, imaginary histories, imaginary worlds and afterlives) are to be found as bona fide mental illnesses in the DSM-IV, the psychiatrist’s Bible of all that can go wrong with the human mind? Religion is officially, medically nothing more than sanctioned insanity.

Remembering Pops

Louis Armstrong was an immensely talented and passionate man who transcended the limitations of a racist, drug-prohibiting society to become a figure for the ages. All Hail Pops!

There is one sense in which America is not and never will be a Christian nation: the holy books of the Christians will never guide the hand of government. Humanity has learned much since the ancient times and the ancient world reflected in the Bible. It would be insane to assume that these largely irrelevant ramblings must be the foundation of our government’s policy.

Who cares what the government does? Indeed, mindless consumerism and 24/7 entertainment have enabled a level of political complacency and obedience that Hitler or Stalin could never have achieved through force.

Liberty – a word you don’t hear much in today’s political rhetoric. For me and for all who love liberty, the 4th is a bittersweet holiday indeed. The essence of America is not World Empire (those people have been around for a long time too). It is not Government-as-Grandparent (Al Gore). It is not Christian Nation.

It is Land of the Free.

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