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I deeply regret that we do not use religion as a psychological weapon against our enemies. Openly desecrate their Quran. Have soldiers do it right in front of detainees. No need to waterboard. No need to lay a finger on them. Cover their walls with ALL kinds of pictures of Mohammed. Photoshop him on a surfboard, in a strip club.

This whole desecration thing is so bogus, creepy, and frightening that I hardly know where to begin.

Each day, see if you can commit some minor act of charity, forgiveness, or whatever. Think how that will train your brain — and how it will add up over the months!

Such good thoughts and good deeds are, of course, completely independent of prayer and worship. Yet they are the essence of religion — and the only way we improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

“I do not believe in God. I believe in cashmere.”
Fran Lebowitz
A bit of history is made today, as a “Good Without God” billboard appears in Chicago, and other cities as well, paid for by a coalition of secular groups. The news story in the Trib (self-serving commercial: The Jewish Atheist is honored to […]

These are Existential Divorces. A man or woman gets to a certain point where the thought of serving out one’s brief time on earth chained to this person is a soul-deadening prospect, and one will go through a great deal to be free in the remaining years.

I think Peter Drucker has it right. He says that “leadership is all hype,” and he notes that “we’ve had three great leaders in this century – Hitler, Stalin, and Mao – and you see the devastation they left behind.” As for modern, so-called “post-heroic” leadership, Drucker says “It’s nothing but hard work and conscientiousness” (quoted in Forbes, 2/21/94).

In recent years, some shrinks, especially of the New Age persuasion, have been marketing a version of forgiveness that is bland, saccharine, and unrealistic. Under this definition, you don’t seek revenge, don’t bear a grudge, but you exonerate the offender, find excuses for what happened, purge yourself of all negative feelings, even REWRITE HISTORY so that you are less of a victim, more of a hero.

Here’s a thought: since the Olympics entertain only those who choose to go or watch, why bother the rest of us with it? And why continue to enrich the few, tax the rest of us, and wine and dine the pompous preening morons in the IOC? Let’s…just….do it in the same place every time. Yes! Somewhere in Greece. All nations would contribute to the building of a permanent Olympic village. Every four years, those countries who wanted to enter could finance that year’s games, paying in proportion to their number of contestants and GDP. Pick a place in the Alps– same for the Winter Olympics.

I agree with Michael Moore: contemporary capitalism all too often consists of people behaving badly. The problems are so complex that I couldn’t begin to suggest solutions (one soution is NOT to bail out failing companies). But Saturn represented a Camelot moment in the American auto industry, a moment when people believed that the sins of the past could be overcome in a single leap. They were, for a bit. Then the muck of the system — make money, screw the workers, screw management, get the stock price up — sucked it into mediocrity and now, death.

Cardinal Ratzinger (or “Ratzo,” as we used to call him in seminary – JUST KIDDING!) is an unflinching exponent of the hard line, the straight path. The one true path, the one way to salvation. The one Church that Jesus established. Us. Ratzo believes it, and he says it, over and over.

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