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It is time to identify the real enemy, the elephant in the living room: religion. Religion creates a fantasy world which can be used to manipulate young people’s minds and turn them into suicidal maniacs that wreak havoc and threaten whole societies.

It’s staggering. When we see how humanity is bound by its own mental constraints, it’s enough to call for Santa Claus to break up the logjam, to get people to see that they are killing each other for no reason at all, other then that they cling to religious myths that have long since outgrown their usefulness, if they ever had any.

As I always say when an icon is brought low by sex scandal — and this one, to me, is of the order of Elliot Spitzer and the elegant, humiliated Silda — why does it always go one way? How often do you hear of a prominent FEMALE athlete or politician embarassed and toppled by the revelations of male paramours?

Mindless consumerism and all-absorbing media have achieved a degree of complacency that Hitler or Stalin could never achieve with violence. The government moves to expand its wars, but with no draft, even at a trillion dollars a year, who cares?

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