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If religion is perpetual, let it pay its own way — perpetually.

Maybe, just maybe, America can halt its decline into into bankrupt welfare state/unsteady world emperor (needless to say, a Libertarian President would bring troops home, in large numbers). Or will we keep declining and bottom out, running up debt, getting bought up by the Chinese, and sinking into long-term economic decline, all the while listening to the politicians’ siren songs even as we drown in their bullshit?

This nation’s smugness on putting a person of minimal competence with the right pigmentation (but no Negro dialect) in the White House makes me want to vomit. I am not impressed. The one thing our political process will never produce is a Chief Executive who will put religion in its proper place (e.g., by revoking the tax-exempt status of churches) and who truly respects the Constitution.

Muslim men should find love in this world; that’s the ideal solution. Then they wouldn’t have to resort to suicidal fantasies. But their religion won’t allow that. That’s the real enemy. It’s a case of killing the snake by cutting off the head.

The point of creating and celebrating humanistic holidays would be to reinforce Atheist Alliance International’s OUT theme. To go public. To be (politely) in believers’ faces, just as they have for millennia been in ours. To question the public prominence of religion and the extraordinary and undeserved respect accorded to primitive superstitions and divine Imaginary Friends. Years ago, I said what AAI is now saying: that atheism is the new homosexuality. Atheists, notably in the US military, suffer the same discrimination faced by gays 50 or 100 years ago. We are 16% of the population. It is time to come OUT. And what better way than celebrating our holidays all year round?

Can’t we all just get along, live and let live in ’10 and beyond? Didn’t Jesus and Mohammed want that? If they wanted people to kill in their names, then they were evil and psychotic and should be rejected. The same goes for the people who commit horrible acts of religious violence.

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