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If the story didn’t happen and it’s not about freedom anyway, then how can we celebrate Passover as a holiday that self-respecting humanists can live with, yet that retains at least some of ancient themes that are so dear to us?

Drugs, lies, and politicians

The politicians are waging a war of lies against human nature itself. So where else are they lying or shading the truth? If they would dare to tell the truth about marijuana, I might believe them on other issues.

There’s no answer as to how best to spend your life. For now, I invite you to examine your use of the phrase ”waste time.” You probably use it every day. What does your usage tell you about how you think you should spend your life? Each day, each moment wasted…can never be regained. Maybe some changes are in order. Maybe you’re living someone else’s version of your life.

If the humanist follows his/her integrity where it leads, we have to arrive at a new understanding of Passover — one which connects us to the old, yet is consonant with our own integrity and dignity.

Crazed Muslims spewing nonsensical shit over the net are one brand of fanaticism. Another is the quiet, yet equally arrogant and condescending kind that I encountered. But in intransigence, incorrigibility, and resistance to reason and evidence, one is the equal of the other.

The Torah is just something some folks wrote. I went through all of its commands — and there are hundreds — and found that there are only 29 at most (not counting repetitions) that modern people can conscientiously obey (there were some judgment calls: I included the prohibition against bestiality). It is, as we would expect, Morality 101. Don’t have sex with family members (Leviticus 18:6-20). Don’t make your daughter a harlot (Leviticus 19:29). Keep your vows (Numbers 30:3). Try to return lost items (Deuteronomy 22:1-3).

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