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Is there ONE organization where boss-abuse, the adult form of bullying, can be reported and curbed, by a reporting structure that goes right to the CEO, such that even senior management assholes get called on their behavior and told to reform? No, I don’t think there is. In many cases, senior management confers the right to be an asshole.

All of his advice some from a highly privileged and lucky individual who probably doesn’t know why he’s so successful, so it’s all suspect.

“Getting Back to God”

I am truly disturbed that an American citizen welcomes “brainwashing.” I hope there are few like Marilyn Taub, but I am afraid there are many.

There would be no shortage of ways to downsize government, if the political will were there. Here’s one: A new law says that all government agencies, except for the few that actually serve Constitutional functions) would have five years to do a feasibility study to see if they could function standalone. If not – generous packages and turn out the lights. I happen to think private regulation would be superior to the politicized FDA, but we’ll never know till we try.

Dumbth has progressed since 1989. There’s creeping dumbth as well: an ever-fresh supply of new conspiracy theories, Obama’s a Muslim, aliens, etc. And there’s a thick foundation level of Basic Dumbth (ignorance cultivated in the soil of religion, militarism, politics, and advertising).

There is something unctuous and repulsive about marketers defining me, just as with rabbis. Both would offer me fulfillment in exchange for suspension of skepticism, willing acceptance, and long pilgrimages to be the first to purchase gadgets or light torches.

On Coming Out

An atheist candidate would make a good movie premise too. The candidate – or perhaps congressperson – who is already popular in his/her own right…defiantly denies the truth of the Bible, opposes all state funding of religious organizations, ardently supports the separation of church and state and the taxing of religious real estate and income (billions!).

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