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I hope Justice-elect Kagan appreciates how, like Palin plucked from deserved obscurity, she’s in the right place at the right time. That she has not shown the humility to recuse herself on Day One implies an arrogance and/or an ignorance that I don’t want to see in a Supreme Court justice.

All the good that religion does can be done without all the fantasies and delusions. All the evil that it causes results from differences in superficial, superimposed matters of doctrine and dogma. My god’s stronger than yours. My story’s the right one. Who cares? If all the resources spent in worshipping and otherwise propitiating imaginary deities were invested in improving the human condition, we would have a much better world.

It’s not money that’s the root of all evil. The root of all evil is the human mind and the horrendous behavioral decisions it’s capable of making. The fertilizer for that evil is bullshit: the invitation to turn off your thinking mind and let someone else decide how you should live.

Bullshit is the music of mindless conformity. Without bullshit, we would not have governments of psychotics taking over countries and leading them to ruin. Without bullshit, we would not have centuries of religious atrocities, which continue to this day. Without bullshit, we would not have our frantic hyper-consumptive (and probably unsustainable) culture.

I just saw a Funny Times cartoon about when we would finally get serious about the environment: when beer, TV, Viagra, and meat are no longer available. We’re not there yet.

Both religion and sports are heavy on shared honor-by-proxy. YOU’RE special because Jesus died/the Hawks won.

Replace the pronoun with another word which is appropriate in context; recast the sentence with the plural or with I, you, or we; enough already with she and smug, self-conscious political correctness. Your pronoun usage is not a sign of your enlightenment. Be a little creative and avoid the problem.

D-Day, 2010

Let us dedicate this D-day to thought and reason. To discourage these, as politicians and clerics do, is to make perpetual war inevitable.

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