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How many died in the Holocaust, in every pogrom and act of mayhem over the centuries, because rabbis kept telling Jews to leave it in God’s hands?

The realization that religion is a mass make-believe is almost unbelievable, but there it is. Same for the reality that religious fantasies are much beloved and honored in most societies, including most certainly this one, though they are the cause of much suffering and death.

Knowing certain basic laws of physics and biology – among them that once the dead are dead, they are incapable of communicating with the living – I suspect that something not real yet very vivid is indeed happening in your head, something that feels and sounds like you are incessantly channeling Michael Jackson.

Winston Churchill advised reading books of quotes. Emerson hated quotes: “Tell me want you know.” Well, sometimes what we know can come from the benefit of other people’s observations or experience.

Any time “merriment” is mentioned on the invitation, I know it’s going to be another dreary event full of temptations to overeat or overdrink out of stupefying boredom, trying to make small talk at the top of my lungs, with frequent trips outside to escape the loud music and bad speechmaking. Hope I’m wrong.

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