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People use God in a variety of senses – either as the persona who stars in the Bible, or as “cosmological God” (the entity who created the universe but otherwise stays out of it), or as any of a long list of things for which we already have names, like love. As a linguist, I ask myself why people might identify God with concepts for which we already have names, and my tentative conclusion, after years of observation, is that they do not want to cut themselves off from the immense social power and connectedness of talking about God and professing to believe in God.

When the New Agers can get a real MD, it gives them credibility. But what it tells me that maybe the guy simply found it too hard to be a real doctor, so he chose this easy path to wealth and acclaim.

Atheists and agnostics knew more about religion than any religious group! The article speculated that it’s because these people are better educated, but I think it’s because the atheist is a rational person who wants to understand what he/she is rejecting.

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