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I wish we could pass a law that any initiation of American military force REQUIRE the simultaneous conscription of ALL eligible congressmen, Senators, and family members of Congress and the Joint Chiefs. Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands died in Iraq, but Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz – nary a scratch. It’s not fair.

Santa can generate another teachable moment, this one for older kids: asking a kindly old man for what you want in life, whether sitting on his lap or bowing in prayer, doesn’t work. Christmas presents come from stores and such, procured by the labor of adults. Similarly, all virtue comes from people. So does all forgiveness and salvation. If humans don’t kill each other, there will be peace on earth. Let human beings be proud of what they’ve accomplished, instead of handing credit to God or Santa.

Humanists should use sites like, organizations like the Brights and Center for Inquiry, Facebook, and other ways to find each other and generate a “community of believers.”

Like religious folks, we come in all shapes and sizes. Unlike them, we’re looking for answers in entirely different places. We’re good people trying to live good lives without God. But first, we have to shake hands and get acquainted.

Most jobs are not dream jobs. They’re about what the boss wants and you not complaining. They’re about being a team player, never a naysayer. They’re about parroting the company line. They’re about trading your life for the money to live as much of your life as possible without having to give it away in this manner.

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