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Live Free or Die

The constant talk in the media about partisanship and political bickering is simply a red herring. I like it when the government is gridlocked and does nothing. But the sad fact of life is that partisanship is simply not the issue. The issue is that both of the major parties combine in raping the American people and enriching the elites in this country.

Civil rights spring from social consensus. As long as religion enjoys so much undeserved respect (and tax breaks!), as long as the government keeps up its futile drug war, the civil rights of millions of Americans will be ignored, and the work of the Founders will be incomplete.

Jews are a lovable, hatable lot. For some it’s a source of specialness. Some, the Humanistic Jews, go so far to preserve that specialness that they do so after tossing out the God that had been at the center of it all. For me, it’s a matter of experiences (we had Seders, not Midnight Mass), the repetition of which no longer interests me. My congregation is the human race. My synagogue, the world.

I doubt that adult mitzvoth all become exceedingly observant – strictly keeping all 613 commandments; more likely, the ceremony is a one-off.

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