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We knew that religion and politics both traffic in improbable fantasies, in peculiar languages, in herd behavior and group mentality — and in their own indispensability as bringers of paradise.

Some people can’t abide liberty in certain areas of personal behavior. People may love guns but hate abortion – or smoke pot but hate guns. This is a huge obstacle, this disinclination to trust others to use their freedom wisely. But freedom for one requires freedom for all. That’s what I expect our so-called leaders to be telling us.

I don’t need farce about farce, when I can watch the real thing on CNN. I can watch blow-dried politicians pontificate about how two groups of playground bulliles are trying to one-up each other while — wait for this, it’s a great concept – as a result of their debate about money which they have no right to in the first place…the troops in the battlefield don’t get paid! I love it. This is great TV, great theater. Horrible reality.

We won’t find these people by invading countries at $1 trillion a year (or by patting down old Jewish ladies at the airport). They are committed to a Muslim world. They are prepared to prolong the struggle for centuries, as long as their insane belief system endures. And many of them DONT MIND DYING.

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