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Suppose everybody stopped their disaster relief efforts and prayed as hard as they could. Do you think God would answer? Do you think he would grow a new limb on an earnestly praying amputee?

What really bugs me is the way the sex trade exploits men’s weaknesses and REALLY makes them pay for the fake titillation. WHAT EXACTLY is worth $1,000 an hour? The high-class call girl is up there in the CEO pay range. She’s getting the same compensation as executives who are responsible for billions of dollars of assets and thousands of jobs!

So let’s go over it again: peace on earth comes when people do not kill other people. No messiah can make this happen.

Chomsky is a cultural phenomenon, as has been often noted: a professional intellectual. Everything that comes from this brain is pure gold and must be reprinted and quoted. And the Great One is only too happy to provide more, especially if the topic is “Evil America.”

My problem with Centipede is conceptual (and I’m aware that the results of freedom are sometimes distasteful). First I saw S/P and thought that Matt/Trey had crossed some kind of line. Soon after I find that real people thought of it. I could find no reference to Nazi experiments; even the Nazis couldn’t imagine this. Real people enacted it, filmed it, viewed it, and gave it AWARDS. Anonymous web comments were variants of “I can hardly wait to see it.”

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