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We also know now that the association of the stranger-sex thrill-seeking is not confined to the men of high rank and power, on the grounds, say, that they think they are entitled to it. No. We are talking about basic human urges, common to all people: the desire to be physically loved.

The Declaration of Independence specifically mentions the pursuit of happiness, and if lighting up after dinner or sex increases one’s happiness, I’m all for it. Government should get the fuck out of people’s personal lives. It should stop trying to legislate morality. There’s nothing about that in the Constitution.

Reason Day

Let us proclaim June 21 as Reason Day. Everything else has a dedicated day, week, month, even year…so why not the one thing that makes us human, the one thing that makes us just a little more than naked apes?

Marriage is a negotiated encounter, and all too often, men get other benefits, so they marry in the hope that she’ll warm up and be a little sexier. She doesn’t, and he winds up sending provocative pictures to a young woman. What‘s so surprising?

Self-immolation in America

“Live free or die”: Ball took it literally, as we were indeed meant to (he cites the historical origins of the phrase, right here in NH). He could not live free. He took the alternative.

America has a lot of growing up to do. We seem locked in a permanent Twitter/Facebook-induced adolescence - the cyber-version of a high school slam book, seems to me (really, Rep. Wiener, did you think there couldn’t possibly be any consequences of showing your wiener?). When we’re a nation of grown-ups who appreciate their freedoms and elect politicians who defend them…maybe then I’ll fly the flag.

Mormon President?

Different names, places, and events - otherwise, the Book of Mormon is a bunch of Bronze Age idiots migrating here and there and fighting each other for stupid religious reasons, just like in the Bible. I couldn’t find one sentence worth quoting, so barren of wisdom is this piece of dreck.

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