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Once again our chimp brains leap into uncharted territory. We really are dependent on those machines, and we welcome it, gladly flinging our likes and dislikes into cyberspace for all to see. Some pathetic people are so addicted that they have to text during a movie.

The evidence of sense and science tells me there’s no such thing as meridians, energy channels, auras, or chakras (for Christ’s sake, one of them is above the head!); these and other Eastern mysterious and imaginary entities originated in an Oriental disinclination to dissect the human body and find out what’s actually in there. Easier and prettier to just draw lines.

I now see that the FDA’s incompetence is truly a matter of life and death. It almost caused mine. Not to mention the fact that its very existence is unconstitutional. When will a national politician call for an end to this inept dinosaur of an organization?

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