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Paul is a sloppy communicator, and that’s not necessary. Again and again I read of his rambling, jumbled syntax, and self-admitted inability to give a speech. That’s just a cheapo way of looking humble and an excuse not to do anything about your public speaking skills. In my experience, it’s the practice of speakers who are ultimately so lacking in ego strength that they refuse professional advice in this all-important area.

Please stop speaking Spanish, Mr. Mayor. It’s condescending, patronizing, and not in America’s best interests.

College is the place to enjoy one final spasm of irresponsibility before taking your seat in your cubicle. It is the backdrop for indulgence and overindulgence of every kind. How else would the participants hook up?

The ass-kissing media are acting rationally in their own interests when they suppress Ron Paul and delete his message. The ideas that government can be WAY smaller, that it respect its Constitutional limits, that it cease propping up corrupt foreign governments and meddling in other countries’ affairs (anathema to defense contractors and military recruiters), that it is not the answer to every problem…there are dangerous ideas. It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong (Edmund Burke).

What is wrong with bosses and managers, that they insist on face time and prohibit afternoon naps? They’ve already claimed a good two-thirds of people’s lives, if not most of their waking lives, with ever-growing jobs and ubiquitous technology.

The volunteer army, with its cash incentives, was a brilliant stroke for war-loving politicians. The professionalism of militarism as a career (conveniently jibing with the complexity of modern warfare; it’s no longer just load, aim, and fire) has, as many have noted, separated the citizen population from the country’s military mercenaries. Unbridled militarism and war without end are a real possibility, especially since America doesn’t do pay-as-you-fight wars anymore – it charges them to the next generation.

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