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Social Security apologists who say we can make the system viable for 30 years (or whatever) by slightly increasing taxes and cutting benefits (this is another group who doesn’t really need their Social Security payments) are only screwing future generations and postponing the inevitable.

I really don’t understand the connection between being called a name and calling the cops. I only know that cops have MANY more important things to do than waste the taxpayers’ money because somebody gets flustered over being cussed out — especially in a state that proclaims “Live Free or Die” on every license plate.

Teaching is hard enough without this kind of competition. Of course students should be allowed to bring their electronic toys to school. Lay them out on a table at the start of class. But remember that they hold nothing so urgent that it can’t wait till the end of the period which is presumably devoted to learning.

On Religious Repression

the subtext here is the repressive, evil inflexibility of religion. Marcus’s tirades seem to me to be Roth’s voice. The irony is that Marcus fully understands that what must be done may sometimes be repulsive. His father teaches him to slit the dead chicken’s anus so that he could reach in and pull its entrails out. He did this countless times. Yet he couldn’t go to Chapel 40 times. And he pays dearly for his stand.
Such is the strength of principle. Such is the oppressive power of religion.

Don’t tell me the Constitution needs to be rewritten – how about we actually TRY it first? In fact, it is even MORE relevant to the Information Age, when we need politicians less than ever to make decisions for us (they react by passing more laws and starting wars so that we need them again).

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