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I wish the U.S. and other nations had some kind of Prime Directive to keep them from endless meddling in other countries’ affairs. Nah, that’s asking too much. Even Kirk and Spock, hundreds of years ahead of us, couldn’t abide by their Prime Directive. They’ve got warp speed and teleportation…but they haven’t outgrown the urge to meddle.

Every day Jews suffer oppression and ostracism from other Jews. And they are by no means alone. Even more vile and pointless than religion itself, than this mendacious investment in fantasy, is the inevitable tendency of believers in the supposedly same religion to ostracize, persecute, and sometimes murder people WHO SIMPLY BELIEVE A DIFFERENT VERSION OF THE SAME FANTASY.

The definition of a “gaffe” is not “an unintentional misspeaking,” but rather, in actual practice, “a moment when a politician shows his/her true self.” In judging politicians, these are the moments to watch for.

Moral decisions are never easy, even little ones. But morality does not come from gods, saints, or other revered persons (or, in many cases, non-persons). It comes from human beings who decide that no, this time at least, they won’t offer (or buy) free carpet padding.

Michael Moore is wrong. This is not about the corruptness of politicians and bankers, not about re-re-re-distributing (because it’s already been re-distributed many times) the wealth more fairly. It is about the elephant in the living room: a government totally out of control, doing dozens of things that have no constitutional basis, unable to control its own spending (billions upon billions for useless pork projects) or end the wars it has started, its debts skyrocketing, its financial commitments now in the tens of trillions.

The mottoes on marquees outside churches are a unique communications form deserving careful consideration. They provide revelations into the believer’s mind. The pithy slogans, meant to be read on the fly, like the old Burma Shave signs, are intended to penetrate immediately and cause thought (and church attendance).

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