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Yet the pundits wait with bated breath: will the President mention God, thereby revealing that he believes in God, therefore revealing that he is, at bottom, one of us? Or will he not mention God and thereby reveal his true evil and aid the relentless advance of secular humanism, the doctrine of Satan himself?

The American Dream is a cruel hoax if it’s driven by the deepening indebtedness of people who are already broke.

I have nothing against a moment of joy or inspiration — but not at the price of investing myself in a fantasy belief system.

There still remains the question: If heaven’s so great, why shouldn’t we all, to follow Bill Maher’s reasoning, kill ourselves, right now?

The ugly and unspoken truth is while a few politicians are successful businesspeople or professionals, most of them could not hold real jobs. As evidenced by their performance in government, they couldn’t handle the deadlines, the strict budgets (many government agencies cannot keep their own books), or the accountability (“let the next person deal with it”).

Sorry, Brett, but today, there is no way a 13-year-old can be considered an adult. Neither the mind nor the body is fully formed enough to make adult decisions, and the moronic behavior of teenagers and twentysomethings illustrates this fact eloquently. Childhood actually seems to be getting longer: the 30s are the new 20s. So the whole adulthood thing is a sham, a transparent excuse for a flagrant display of conspicuous consumption and adult conformity.

Years ago, a friend sent me Pieces of my Mind, a book of Rooney’s essays, generally consisting of “things I think about a certain topic.” They were truly “essays,” in the original, etymological sense of ‘a trying’ of one’s thought processes around a certain subject.

If I’m right, and there are TEN factors (at least) that drive males to sexual inappropriateness, then it’s easy to see why we succumb (see [1]). Because there are so many powerful contributing factors, we ought to cut men some slack. How about a statute of limitations? There’s a difference between getting past one or two embarrassing situations…and continuing to be a compulsive, serial offender.

I like the idea of escape to other planets, except that the distances are unimaginably vast and humans way too frail for prolonged exposure to space travel. Until somebody perfects warp drive or hypersleep (sci-fi’s favorites devices for spanning interstellar distances), we’ve got to make it here on earth, and it’s not looking good. It’s looking more and more like we’re only temporary inhabitants who have begun to overstay their welcome.

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