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I can no longer stand religious services of any kind. I look at Jews davening (rocking back and forth as they chant their prayers), and I see African natives dancing around a fire, Aztec priests tearing the hearts out of sacrificial victims, Greek oracles spouting arcane nonsense. It’s all the same: magical words drive magical thinking.

The real miracle of Christmas

The truth is, we are our own saviors: any salvation will be accomplished on this earth, by ourselves and through each other. Only we can take responsibility for our sins, only we can repent, only we can offer and seek forgiveness. And we know that real friends are infinitely more important and powerful than imaginary ones.

Ever since I can remember, clerics have been urging their flocks to “put the Christ back into Christmas.” I think we should take him out.

I’m proposing a tax CREDIT for charitable contributions. What percent? The politicians would start very small, if they approved the idea at all. But hell, I’d fork over my whole tax liability to charity to avoid giving it to the government, which could then phase out its welfare operations as private contributions exploded (confident prediction).

The best we can say about God’s plan is that it stinks. What with all the famine, war, disaster, disease, misery, and death, it’s more like the work, according to Carlin, of “an office temp with a bad attitude.”

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