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Deliberate obscurity does irreparable damage to the thin bonds of trust that are supposedly encoded in words on a page. It buries, in a steaming pile of verbosity and BS, the premise that the writer is actually trying to tell the reader something.

The fine print has always been with us. But rarely has it been used to supply a house-of-cards foundation to the financial machinations that caused the nation’s economy to implode.

The following letter was sent to the Keene NH Sentinel and published in the 1/21 issue, appropriately headed “We’re not living up to our state motto.”
Dear Editor:
After a little over a year in New Hampshire (drawn here by the Free State Project), I have concluded that Live Free or Die is about as valid […]

A Paul Presidency would mean a voice at the top advocating liberty and Constitutional government, perhaps supported by a small coalition in Congress. It would be a refreshing difference.

OK, you gun-toting, freedom-loving New Hampshiremen and –women. Give Ron Paul a landslide victory, and perhaps even the momentum to continue to South Carolina and beyond. Let them know that New Hampshire is serious about liberty.

Jazzmas is not a religious service. Or, if you’re a secular humanist, maybe it is.

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