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America stands on the side of science and reason. It is these, and not religion, that always has created, and always will create a better life on earth.

While amiable humanistic rabbis recount Torah stories, orthodox Muslims are being programmed to destroy themselves and other human beings, to create a Muslim world. What stands in opposition? An equally virulent Christianity. We must be a very loud voice for reason.

I have taken a hard, close, and final look at Humanistic Judaism. Just as New Age sewage allows one to be religious without the barbaric Abrahamic religions, so does Humanistic Judaism allow secular Jews to talk about Jewish things, just leaving out God. But it’s not that simple. There’s a line you must not cross - a consensus of belief (or pretend-beflief).

Now it’s time to PAY back. I have not heard or read one thing about that. A portion of the annual revenue must go back to the American people, who, trusting business-whore Obama’s judgment, allowed GM and Chrysler to survive. Payment every year, whether they make money or not, until every cent is paid back.

People want to believe. People love to believe. Believing makes them feel good. Believing assuages mortal fears with false promises. That’s what we’re up against. The price of their feeling good about their retarded mythologies is very high: perpetual strife and even wider war among religions and sects, each of whom is convinced it has the truth.

With Facebook we come close to what Jaron Lanier describes (in You are Not a Gadget, highly recommended) as the “hive mind.” The highly aggregated billions of bits begin to have a slug-like intelligence of their own, collecting and distributing all manner of personal data according to its secret algorithms.

Politicians should get out of education, stick to the Constitution, and concern themselves with the threats to our rights and liberties, chief among which right now is the government itself.

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