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Soon many Jews will be condemned to the tedious, rigidly ritualistic Seders commemorating events that didn’t happen, engineered by a deity that’s nothing but a bully with superpowers. They will be expected to pretend that they respect this nonsense, even participate in it (I always passed on the reading).

It’s bad enough that we still depend so much on cars, partly because of the requirement that so many of us put in “face-time” at the office (picture thousands of cars, idling bumper to bumper, air conditioners at full blast, day after summer day, as repairs are done on the numerous “expressways” in this great land of ours). But it is unconscionable to burn fossil fuel for amusement. No society that is serious about fuel conservation and energy independence can burn this much gasoline for amusement.

How many gallons of irreplaceable fossil fuel will be vaporized during this racing season? The Indy 500 (1-2 miles/gallon) must use thousands upon thousands of gallons. Daytona, NASCAR, I can’t even begin to name them all…there’s immense social approval for it, as well as lots of logos and money (and with Danica Patrick, sex), so gentlepeople, start your engines.

Even if you couldn’t care less about shooting a gun or lighting a joint, the drug war is your issue. In its name your government conducts illegal and unconstitutional activities, crams the courts and prisons, diverts law enforcement resources from real crime, wastes vast sums of your money, and causes 50,000-10,000 violent deaths each year in the US alone, not to mention the carnage in Mexico.

A large proportion of Boomers, including many former and current tokers, either never got on board with drug liberalization…or got all hypocritical and didn’t want their kids doing drugs the way they did. There are all kinds of rationales. Many more found the state-approved drugs, alcohol and nicotine, both far more toxic than pot, satisfactory for their mood control. Caffeine, the other state-approved drug, is perfect for capitalism. Lots of pep to accomplish our corporate mission.

The US government/military was accuser, judge, jury, and executioner, and you didn’t hear a peep of protest from this nation, which was spared the spectacle of trying Osama. Sometimes justice is served quickly and quietly.

Phase 3 is happening now, even as more people shed fake friends or drop Facebook entirely. It’s the IPO: marketing and commercialization. Facebook is going to SELL all that information it got for free, and a few people will get obscenely rich.

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