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Americans and people all over the world are shocked by each episode of Muslim violence. They shoudn’t be. Violence is what Islam is all about. Mealy-mouthed apologists (and they crawl out of the woodwork every time Muslim violence disgusts and horrifies the civilized world) insist that theirs is a religion of peace. Sure, you can find that in the Quran, and these people may really believe it. Maybe it’s true for them. But worldwide — and for the non-Muslims on the receiving end of the bomb or firearm, for those of us watching as our President is burned in effigy over CARTOONS — the reality is quite different.

The future is far more elusive than prophecy. The Mayans didn’t have a clue, and neither do we.

As many wise people have observed, life must be lived forward — but understood backward. Yet, as many others have noted, the seeds of future events can be seen, if only one knows where to look. The 9/11 report makes it quite clear that the disaster could have been prevented, but too many government officials were criminally negligent.

it‘s good that the politicians are talking more simply (though they laws they write are impossibly obscure). But they continue to use language in deceitful, manipulative ways. And the American People never stop falling for it.

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