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Rabbi Wine used to say that after the Holocaust, the nicest thing you could say about God is that he doesn’t exist.

I am utterly creeped out by the fact that this latest mass murderer is a PhD candidate. I will be an information junkie, until I find out what, if any, contribution was made to his murderous insanity by his PhD studies. Maybe none at all. I hope.

Let’s see..if I just stop for a moment and ask whether 600,000 Israelites could have been slaves in Egypt for 400 years but there’s no record of it…or wandered in the desert for 40 years and never left a trace…or how God impregnated a woman and took human form…or just how it is that after death I am reborn as someone (or something) else…if I just thought about the nuttiness of that for a minute, might it not weaken my faith? Indeed, faith requires constant reinforcement, as any good cleric can tell you.

Liberty – a word you don’t hear much in today’s political rhetoric. For me and for all who love liberty, the 4th is a bittersweet holiday indeed. The essence of America is not World Empire (those people have been around for a long time too). It is not Government-as-Grandparent (Al Gore). It is not Christian Nation. It is Land of the Free.

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