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Making waves is not always the best course of action. But religious participation always challenges the humanist’s dignity, and acceptable behaviors must be devised for every such occasion.

The political philosophy that would most appeal to secular humanists would be that which fulfills humanistic goals and values. That disqualifies die-hard conservatives and liberals, both of whom want to use government (for whatever reason – carrying on wars, doling out farm subsidies) to make your life better. Ha, ha, just kidding, They want to use government to enrich themselves and their fellow cronies and campaign contributors and indulge their “will to power” (Nietzsche) That’s the kind of busybody, control-freak temperament that politics attracts.

Part of our strategy for helping Zach to become a freethinker is to get there first. Right now the religion they’re feeding him is all about warm, cuddly baby Jesus and going to heaven. WE will tell him about hell and who is supposed to go there. WE will teach him to question the tide of BS that will soon come at him. WE will tell him that Catholics and others pretend they are EATING their god and drinking his blood.

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