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1968 was a nightmare – riots and assassinations, along with the war. I was in Chicago for part of the ’68 Democratic Convention. I saw police beat the crap out of American citizens, while, inside the building, the elite picked their next puppet candidate. The next year, National Guardsmen actually shot and killed demonstrating students at Kent State. For years I was ashamed to be an American.

What company will dare to be first to point to the Emperor’s new clothes, to note that we’ve been at this diversity thing for a whole generation, that grouping and counting people by gender and ethnicity is odious and bogus, that it’s not worth the investment, and henceforth all hires and promotions will be made on the basis of competence and experience alone?

We don’t need a violent revolution. We just need to vote these assholes out and replace them with politicians who really care about the future of this country. If we don’t get some soon, the country won’t have much of a future at all.

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