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The message of “Click”: nobody gets out alive. Morty has plans for all of us. Until he appears, let’s make sure that we are living our own lives, and not pouring the energy of our days into fulfilling someone else’s agenda. Let’s pay attention – to kids, health, family, friends, surroundings, whatever – and keep our finger off the “auto-pilot” button.

Is the goal of therapy to dissolve delusions – or to encourage them?

Back in the day, the insane were considered evil, possessed. You had to beat, torture or drown the demon within. But the torturers were delusional themselves. And with the psychotics who were hearing voices, where was the line? Countless ancient prophets heard voices and were honored. How about Joan of Arc? Joseph Smith? Apparently being REALLY earnest is essential to having “authentically” heard God’s voice. Also, what God is saying has a lot to do with it

War is not only the failure of governments to settle their differences peaceably, as sad as that is. War also represents old (mostly) men’s decisions that young men and women should suffer and die. All of us must pay for the old men’s pretensions and politics. What is history, asks economist and historian Thomas Sowell, but a tale of “how politicians have squandered human blood and treasure?”

Monogamy isn’t the answer for most people. Only a lucky few get lifelong, sexually satisfying relationships. So lust leads men to some pretty undignified behaviors. It’s fine to appreciate feminine beauty, but maybe, for men, less panting and more dignity are in order. On the other hand, what do I know?

Zach has to manage two radically conflicting views of the world, just when he’s trying to settle on one. My wife tearfully told me she’s sorry he has to go through this, but it’s the religious people who bring it on by trying to impose their view of truth on Zach, instead of just letting him use his mind to discover truth, as we urge him to do.

Linked-In has taken a wrong turn by offering a link that helps you reconnect with your old boss. Who wants to reconnect with a tyrant, a petty dictator, a micromanager, a clueless ditherer (as in Dilbert)…the bad bosses are 80% of all bosses, and the types of bad boss are as numerous as the sands of the beach.

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