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Interestingly, religion and science agree that there is a “brotherhood of humanity.” But once again, the two diverge sharply in reality. With religion, it’s just lip service, usually – and hypocritically — accompanied by commands to ostracize or murder those who look different.

What has kept the ideas of democracy, rule of law, free elections, and representative government from making more than a rare, brief and narrow appearance on the world historical stage? Stupid Ideas like the divine right of kings or importance of having a theocracy. When it comes to democracy and all its trappings, humanity has been its own worst enemy.

September 11 was about religion, or at least one kind of it: driven by a fundamentalist vision, glorifying suicide, murder, death, and martyrdom, requiring long and deep programming in psychotic fantasy. I’m not a shrink, but I bet it attracts a certain kind of person.

American companies waste tons of time and money on diversity activities and recruiting minorities, all of which makes them less competitive in a global marketplace that doesn’t give a damn about “proportional representation.”

The flight from fear of death leads into the waiting arms of the cleric, always willing to give fake comfort and to craft bogus, cookie-cutter eulogies.

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