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War is old men sacrificing young men (and now, women) for their vanity, ambitions, and ideologies. Soldiers – of all countries — are dupes for letting themselves get into combat. Or maybe they buy the whole heroism crock of shit. Or maybe they’re invulnerable he-men who like to shoot people and blow things up. But almost all wars are optional, irrational (“go murder that stranger”) and unnecessary (unless some other idiot starts it).

Well, if all the questions are answered, how do you find out anything? You don’t. You remain primitive shepherds, or whoever founded your religion. And indeed, Jews who have long since stopped being primitive shepherds dress up and go to synagoigue, there to read from a scroll and pretend they believe all those primitive-shepherd stories. Weird.

Reality may disappoint, but it is REALITY. Fantasy may comfort, but it is FANTASY. This is the conscious choice made by every secular humanist — but ignored by every religious believer.

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