Idiocracy 2: the sequel

“If you protect a man from folly, you will find that you have a nation of fools.”

William Penn

I just saw the movie Idiocracy, in which a dumbed-down population of the future is so stupid that it waters its crops with a vile electrolyte drink, because it takes the product’s advertising slogan literally, even though the highest government officials have no idea what it means.

In such a world, an average man is a genius.

It’s a clever message movie, not nearly as nuanced as Groundhog Day or even Click (yes, there are good Adam Sandler movies), but it got its point across. It showed us the logical conclusion of a dumbed down society, just as Demolition Man (another superior, underrated message movie) showed us the consequences of political correctness gone wild.

English of the future

I liked the linguistic comment. The narrator specifically describes the evolution of English: it had disintegrated into a jumble of languages and dialects (including Black English and Valley Girl Talk), and indeed the speech of the imbeciles of the future was pretty primitive and bereft of all logic and all values, except sex and money. Society is so sexualized that even H&R Block’s services are accompanied by sex.

Idiocracy is good enough to be followed by a sequel. Worse ideas have been copied.

The sequel

Let’s say, in a country that thinks no deeper than advertising slogans, a competent candidate presents himself for president. In a society where identity and gender politics have run amok, an articulate, competent person who speaks in meaningless, warm-fuzzy generalities can rise to national prominence if he/she is the right gender and color, and this fellow certainly is: he is — get this — not even African-American.

Or rather, he is LITERALLY African-American. He is half-white and half-African. Now is that high-concept, or what?

In this Idiocracy of the future, the same can be said of the mega-talkshow hostess who decides to support his campaign. She gets tons of points for being the right gender and color. If she were white and male, she would still be a competent newsreader.

But in this Idiocracy of the future, she is a goddess of wisdom! She is a lifestyle, a brand. She presumes to tell people how to think, live, and buy. She is worth billions. I know, ridiculous — that’s why they’ll love it.

She has all the charisma of a good fifth-grade teacher, but nothing much else. She spouts pieties, but everyone is so dumbed down that they think she is full of wisdom.

This person is fabulously wealthy and famous. But she is to wisdom as SpaghettiOs are to Italian cuisine.

Well, you can imagine what happens when the two join forces in this Idiocracy of the future. Their mega-star-power brings people out in droves, with their digital cameras clicking away.

BS gets it done.

There is much singing and dancing, creating a steaming pile of politics, entertainment, and religion.

The candidate himself dances, in an exquisite mimickry of a stereotype, thereby validating his worthiness and his Negritude. We could show a graphic of Adlai Stevenson spinning in his grave or have the candidate eating watermelon — but maybe that’s too much.

It really helps when they appeal to people’s emotions with meaningless slogans like “change you really can believe in.” I know – you’re thinking, “Who dreamed up that meaningless drivel? How dumb do they people think people are, that they will rally around such crap?”

I know, Hitler and Caligula both delivered “change you can believe in,” but people no longer bother to figure out what words mean, if anything. They just sing and dance along with the song.

Well, it’s the Idiocracy of the future, so please bear with me.

The people of this Idiocracy have long bought this same inane drivel from the mega-talkshow hostess as well.

She traffics in a 21st century variety of New Age spirituality, with references to God, religion, faith, the soul, as well as much emphasis on self improvement – these are the religion- and feelings-oriented things that women and Blacks really like.

Together, the two exert their power to help huge numbers of people maintain their childish religious fantasies…and to commingle and sell an emotional mix of politics, religion, and self-help — and people are definitely buying what they’re selling.

Whatever the religious talk means to those who use it — and most of them have no idea of (i.e., have given little or no thought to) what they’re talking about — the words sound good, and they sure help the aspiring politician and the mega-talkshow hostess to rally the folks round…well, more meaningless drivel.

The talkshow hostess, with her power to excite women and Blacks, continues to spout her particular version of New Age blather as she campaigns for him.

She is completely disingenuous as to why she is there, maintaining that she is not urging them to vote for the candidate. (Movie audience smirks knowingly; if her message is merely to urge people to think, why not deliver it from her TV platform — or visit EVERY candidate’s rally?)

But this lie aside, she says things like “I want you to think seriously about a man who knows who we are and who knows who we can be.”

I know…what the hell is that supposed to mean? Where in the Constitution does it say that liberty and powers of Congress include the government’s responsibility to “know who we can be”? Audiences will snicker and roll their eyes. Will the new government have a Department of Dr. Phil?

Sure, the government is supposed to get out of the way and facilitate the pursuit of happiness – but it’s EVERYBODY’s happiness.

But see, they don’t mean that. They mean the happiness of the people who vote for the candidate. Maybe it’s code for “The government’s gonna keep ethnic and gender preferences in place and do even more for women and Blacks.”

But again, it’s just vague BS that everybody loves, whatever it means to them. People swallow anything these two say from a platform.

Beyond stupid

I know, it’s beyond stupid. Audiences will love it.

The plot gets even more ludicrous, as both completely ignore any mention of liberty and the Constitution…and talk to the voters in quasi-religious pieties. The voters eat it up!

They also speak in terms of the civil rights movement. A headline might say “Obama’s time is now, Winfrey tells Iowans” (Chicago Tribune, December 9, 2007).

It’s stupid, this idea that it’s “time” for anyone to be President, especially because of his/her color. Audiences will love the ludicrousness of this idea; they know it is always “time” for the President to defend liberty, the nation, and the Constitution.

OK, we’re almost into the first primaries. How far can they go?

Together these two stars, these two members of the Black elite, continue to coast on charisma and nice-sounding religious words and policy proposals (people actually believe that politicians will carry out their promises once in office, ha ha!). They campaign together in Iowa and other states.

The all-important Iowa caucus of mostly non-Black voters (non-Black! — the absurd gets more absurd!) is weeks away.

How do you like it so far?


Alan M. Perlman is a secular humanist speaker and author — most recently, of An Atheist Reads the Torah: Secular Humanistic Perspectives on the Five Books of Moses. For information, go to

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    Nu flödar hormonerna – men det är bra. de ska göra det när barnet ramlar ut ur ”levafastnagladimammastuttestadiet”. Tjut lite, det är nog bra!

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