“Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.”
–Ambrose Bierce

“Politics is show business for ugly people.”
–Paul Begala

“Being in politics is like being a football coach: You have to smart enough to understand the game and dumb enough to think it’s important.”
–Eugene McCarthy

At the end of his term of office, John Adams packed a few papers and got on a public conveyance. I don’t think the Founders wanted the Presidency turned into a faux monarchy, which is what CNN brings us: a coronation, with excited crowds, massive security, many galas, many swearings-in, wreath layings, much prayer (God’s blessings are frequently called down on America) and pomp, music by bands of every genre (our Prez. is so hip!)…and for what? Are we, as John Stossel asked, crowning a king?

Everybody’s SO thrilled to be there. Clearly, Americans love the symbols of democracy more than democracy itself, or they would pay more attention to how they are being regularly screwed by the government, the lobbyists, and the tax system.

Same problems

Obama’s problems are the same as when he was last President — two days ago. America is still deep in hock, the economy erratic, too much of our stuff is being pirated, middle class jobs are gone forever because other countries work cheaper, wars and empire are draining our wealth, the climate/environment looks as if it’s going down the tubes faster than ever, America’s kids are 17th or 18th among wealthy nations in math and science, and the country as a whole is around 35th in quality of life!

How about a little humility…

…instead of a $200 million bash? I see people on TV getting teary-eyed as they explain that this is about the peaceful transition of power, a thing rarely achieved in the world.

Wow, have we set the bar low. It’s true, places like Pakistan have never had an elected government succeed an elected government. But that’s who we’re superior to?

Democracy and Stupid Ideas

What has kept the ideas of democracy, rule of law, free elections, and representative government from making more than a rare, brief and narrow appearance on the world historical stage? Stupid Ideas like the divine right of kings or importance of having a theocracy. When it comes to democracy and all its trappings, humanity has been its own worst enemy.

I should note that the countries in which there are also free elections are also superior to us in, as noted, scholastic achievement and quality of life and WAY far behind us in gun deaths.

Obama has, I read, 18 months before he’s a lame duck and we start to look towards 2016. Not good. He can barely get a toehold against the problems he faces (he’s more like a surfer than a sailor) and the Republicans can obstruct him every inch of the way. After the 18 months, anything he attempts is moot.

High-flown rhetoric

That’s why his inaugural speech will be full of abstract, high-sounding rhetoric, as usual.

If we look back on the content of that speech four years from now, I bet we will find that nothing he promised has happened.

But that’s politics USA: a lot of talk to get your vote, then do what the big campaign contributors, the bankers and CEOs say to do. You want real democracy, you’ve come to the wrong country.

PS. Saw more Inaugural coverage today. The Prez. DID promise great things, did promise to solve pressing problems. But the deck is stacked against him.

Why even bother with a second term? Is it the President’s arrogance or the laziness of his party — they’d have to go to work and find somebody else!

And WHY do they keep making everything about race? Civil rights icons like John Lewis get coverage. I guess the overlap with MLK’s celebration — his very own Bible had SUCH magic significance! — made it inevitable.

But the main reason that many loyal Americans are fed up with hearing about race is that the race merchants and the diversity industry won’t shut up about it. Especially after a whole generation of racial preference programs and diversity awareness re-education.

The shallowness of the affirmative action wet-dream of a black President (I mean, really, what other, white junior Senator could have aspired to the White House?) is completely undermined by the fact that he’s half literally African American, not at all a product of the American Black experience. But his pigmentation is right. What a joke.

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